SAUMA was established in 1999 in recognition of and to support the underwriting manager operating as an independent professional underwriting business. We serve our over 80 members and help to ensure that they conform to a set of high professional standards.

SAUMA is the only association that represents underwriting managers businesses, promotes their interests, and assists them in their compliance of the industry’s ethical standards. This makes us the voice of UMA.


SAUMA is recognised by the Financial Services Conduct Authority and we have achieved a great deal of success by initiating direct and ongoing communication with the insurance bodies who represent insurers, financial service providers and the Ombudsman. Our aim is to continue successfully representing the professional underwriter as well as the businesses of underwriting managers.

We will achieve this through:

  • Promoting professionalism, high ethical standards and competitiveness for members.
  • Influencing legislation and conveying members’ views to regulators.
  • Setting standards to ensure the security, financial stability and reputation of members.
  • Marketing the skills and standing of underwriting managers and underwriting professionals.
  • Communicating industry matters.
  • Working together with all recognised insurance industry participants.
  • Seeking opportunities to support technical improvement and education.


The following guiding principles will direct and inform our involvement:

  • Treat everyone equally and fairly regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, disability or religion.
  • Act honestly and with due skill and care.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest, self-promotion and anti-competitive behaviour.
  • Support regulation that fairly balances the interests of customers as well as the product and service providers.
  • Support industry initiatives toward continuous education and professional development.
  • Comply with legislation and embrace transparent governance.
  • Adopting a zero-tolerance attitude toward form of unlawful or criminal conduct.
  • Keep any personal and commercial information and the identity of the owner of such information confidential, not revealing anything without permission.
  • In areas of conflict or divergence of views from members, present a balanced case respecting the different views.