Speciality insurance

We understand that specialised items require a high level of expertise to ensure they receive the correct cover. So, whether it’s your high-tech drone, new iPhone or prize-winning Chihuahua, speak to us for the right advice.

We offer:

  • Drone insurance
  • Pet insurance

  • Mobile insurance
  • Bicycle insurance


Drone insurance

These sophisticated flying machines, whose abilities are growing exponentially, have the potential to cause severe damage and require the correct cover. Our team has over 3 decades’ experience in aviation and has designed a comprehensive drone insurance solution for both recreational and commercial operators.

We offer:

  • Hull damage cover
  • Liability cover
  • Accessories cover





Mobile insurance

We’ve become virtually inseparable from our mobile devices and it would cause a major disruption in our lives if they were lost, stolen or damaged.
You get to select a cover option that suits you best ensuring that you’re not out of pocket when replacing or repairing your cell phone or tablet.

Our cover includes:

  • Theft
  • Loss
  • Damage (including screen)





Pet insurance

We know how much you love your pets and that you want the best possible care for them if they are unwell. We have several affordable and expertly designed plans which provide a wide range of cover; from accidental injury and illness to accidental injury only. We even have a special plan for those who love their exotic pets. Choose the plan that is best for you, your pet and your pocket. Receive a 15% discount on your monthly premium when you add a second pet.

We offer:

  • Accidental Plan
  • Basic Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Superior Plan
  • Accidental Senior Plan
  • Exotic Plan





Bicycle insurance

Whether you’re taking part in races or riding for leisure, Cycle First from Oakhurst Insurance will insure you, your bicycle and accessories against a full spectrum of cycling risks.
This dedicated stand-alone insurance policy means you receive specialised cover for your cycling needs and don’t have to place your bicycle on your personal insurance policy, where benefits can be limited.

You’ll have the option of adding our entry fees protection benefit to your Cycle First policy. You can claim for financial losses for accommodation, travel and the cost of the race entry fee, if the race is cancelled or you are unable to attend for a number of valid reasons. You can also add portable possessions cover which enables you to specify the accessories you want to insure, such as your heart rate monitor, action camera, helmet and glasses.

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We offer:

  • Theft
  • Accidental damage or loss
  • Personal accident
  • Third party liability
  • Portable possessions
  • Entry fees protection





How do I submit a pet insurance claim?
  1. Download the veterinary claim form here.
  2. Complete the form, print it and get your veterinary clinic to stamp it.
  3. Email the form with your invoices to us by clicking here.
Is my pet covered for pre-existing conditions, like diabetes?

No, unfortunately not. However, we do offer cover for hereditary conditions on our Superior Plan, but that cover is subject to a 12-month waiting period.

Is my pet covered for chronic medication?

We cover prescribed medication up to a set limit on all our plans. This includes chronic medication.

Which vets can I use?

We don’t mind which vet you use as long as they are fully qualified and registered with all the relevant authorities.

Client testimonials

A very BIG thank you

“I was more stressed over the [claims] process than about my car being stolen but from the start Rianne was amazing. A very BIG thank you to all involved; I will recommend you to my family and friends.”

Laetitia Murray, Meyerton
Professional and polite

“If you have Oakhurst Insurance on your side they value your money. I did not have a problem when I was submitting my claim…Adri Zana, she was so professional and polite. I could feel that she was happy making that courtesy call…I could see her smiling to me during our conversation over the phone.”

Joseph Nkambule, Benoni
Vriendelike hulp

"Baie dankie Adri, ons waardeer dit baie. Ons het nog net spoedige en vriendelike hulp van jou gekry."

Jacques Bosch, Witbank