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What we offer
Towing service
Our towing service is available to you 24/7 to one of our pre-approved service providers.

This service is available in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana*.

Mayday medical rescue
We know that the unknown doesn’t scare you, but scary things may happen.  Our Mayday medical rescue services are perfect for unforeseen medical emergencies*.
AA Traveller magazine
If you need further inspiration to trek unexplored territories, this is for you!  The magazine features interesting local and international travel destinations alongside latest motoring news and reviews**.
Post incident assist
Post incident assist is a 24-hour crisis management service that will help you with:

  1. Telephonic counselling
  2. Temporary replacement cell phone and airtime
  3. Locksmiths and many more*.
*Ts & Cs apply
**Available in electronic copy only

Car hire to get back home
In the event of your vehicle breaking down more than 100km from home, we will arrange 24-hour car hire to help you on your journey home*.
4x4 Mega World off-road club membership
Since we understand that adventures don’t always come cheap, we will automatically subscribe you to the 4×4 Mega World off-road club where you will enjoy discounts on selected items*.

*Ts & Cs apply
**Only available within South African borders and limited to driver and a maximum of 4 passengers

Stand By You
Our Stand By You service provides you with an armed security guard who will stay with you until help arrives*.
Overnight accommodation
If the insured driver chooses not to use the hired car option, we will arrange overnight accommodation for the driver and the other occupants of the vehicle**.
International driving permit
The international driving permit is a legal document that endorses your South African driver’s license.
Patrol Assistance
The service includes*:

  1. Changing a flat tyre
  2. Fuel assistance (up to 10 litres)
  3. Jump-start assistance
  4. Roadside battery replacements
  5. Key lockout services.
  6. Minor roadside repairs for breakdowns
*Ts & Cs apply.

Terms and conditions of patrol assistance:

  1. For the provision of the fuel, the cost of the call-out and the fuel is for the policyholder’s account;
  2. For roadside battery replacements, the cost of battery is for policyholder’s account;
  3. For key lockout services, in the event a patrolman is unable to open the vehicle, an external locksmith may be appointed and is limited to R500 per incident (incl. VAT). The policyholder will be liable for any additional costs.
  4. Minor roadside running repairs include electrical, coil, immobiliser and battery related breakdowns etc. Cover is limited to an hour of labour per incident.