Welcome to Gold Club

Gold Club is an exclusive membership package that offers products and services for life’s unexpected events and potential financial burdens. Being a member of Gold Club will go a long way towards alleviating unwanted stress, by offering these fantastic benefits at an affordable monthly membership fee:

  • A bail posting service
  • A fines monitoring and license renewal service
  • Pothole damage and road accident recovery services
  • Lifestyle benefits and discounts
  • 24/7 medical, household and legal emergency benefits


As a 4×4 owner we understand that you frequently experience wanderlust.We also understand that exploring may land you in muddy mayhem….

Gold Club now provides assistance services to 4×4 aficionados in South Africa.

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Gold Club Guardian gives you instant access to a nationwide network of roadside protection, ensuring that you’re always within help’s reach when you need it.

Your Gold Club membership gives you access to:

  1. Guardian service
  2. Designated driver service

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