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Retention Guarantee

In these unexpected times, we at Blenheim are here to help and assist you wherever possible! You may find yourself formulating plans on how to hit the ground running after... read more →

Bank vs Insurer Guarantees

Sourcing guarantees through a local bank can become a costly endeavour since banks generally ask for 100% collateral on the bond required. In other words, a guarantee of R1 000... read more →

MBA Southern Cape Dinner

Master Builders Association (MBA) Southern Cape Annual Dinner. Blenheim were one of the Gold Sponsors for the MBA Southern Cape Annual Dinner held at Oubaai on the 24th October 2019. This... read more →

Hiring of plant equipment

Finances and budgets are always a key factor when it comes to whether companies should purchase or hire construction equipment, especially if the equipment will only be used for one... read more →